Why I Want To Be A Registered Nurse Essay

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Being a Registered Nurse As students become older they start to wonder what their future is going to look like what career they are going to have. I’ve decided to pursue the medical field and become a Registered Nurse. I want to be able to help people as much as possible. I believe there is nothing more helpful than making sure they are healthy. Everyone chooses a career because they enjoy it and they have qualities and characteristics that help pursue it. There are more than three million jobs in the U.S. everyone has a choice. There is something for everyone whether it involves schooling or not. This is the right career for me because I care about contributing to others’ health and making sure everything is stable with their living, it is financially a great job that receives many benefits, and I am able to handle emergency situations and traumatic times.
One of my greatest characteristics is caring. I care about others and their health I want people to be as healthy as they can be. Being a registered nurse is
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Being there for people and being optimistic can help them get through hard times that are going on throughout their lives whether they are a patient or a family or friend waiting for a patient. There are many benefits of being a Nurse such as working with people and giving them a better healthy life making a nurse feel better about themselves for helping someone in need of it and being by their side. Being a Registered Nurse is financially a great job to have and to be stable because of the assistance with insurance and the income they receive yearly. It does take time to become one as well as much schooling and gaining the traits of becoming that person people need when they are not in the right state. So, being a Registered Nurse it will all be worth it at the end to be able to help others in a small or large