Why Is Andrew Carnegie Important

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Andrew Carnegie was an industrialist who caused the expansion of the steel industry in the late nineteenth century. In 1853 he learned about business and investing as he worked as a superintendent for the railroads. Carnegie decided to invest his higher pay rather than spending it which allowed him to make connections with important men. When he decided to invest in steel because it was sturdy and lasted a long time, he learned of the Bessemer Process. Then in 1892, Carnegie established the Carnegie Steel company and a few smaller steel companies which led him to control most of the world market. Shortly after he formed the U.S. Steel with J.P. Morgan, which became the largest steel corporation in the world. Andrew Carnegie had risen from being a poor immigrant living in poverty to one of the richest men in the world.

The industrialist known as Andrew Carnegie was important because he is the reason the U.S. became
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He was awarded this title because he became one of the richest men while coming from poverty. He helped to produce steel more efficiently and his products were better, but at lower costs. Carnegie funded over 1,600 libraries around the U.S. Andrew also donated money to education and funded the Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. During the 1900's he was considered one of the highest profile philanthropists.

On the other hand, it is also believable that Andrew Carnegie was a robber baron. He is considered a robber baron because he had his employees working in poor and unsafe conditions in sweatshops. Carnegie also did not increase his workers pay even though he made tons of money. If workers went on strike, he would have one of his head employees use violence against the others to make them work again. Andrew Carnegie also attained this title because of his cost-cutting production and organizational