Why Was The Alamo Important

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In 1744, Spanish monks built it. In 1836, Mexican soldiers seized it. Today, Americans remember it as symbol of hope and freedom. This great building has been named The Alamo. The Alamo’s long history began on May 8th, 1744, when Spanish Franciscan Monks began construction on the church for the mission San Antonio De Valero. The church was intended to be used as a main point of congregation for the mission, but was also meant to help the monks convert local indian tribes to christianity. However, almost the entire building collapsed during construction, with only the outer walls staying in place. The monks did not give up after this unfortunate event, but because of the incident, the church was never fully completed. The width of the church was sixty feet wide, and the height was about thirty feet tall. It was almost entirely built out of limestone and took up five acres of land. …show more content…
Sometime during the Texas revolution, texian soldiers were deployed to occupy the abandoned church, which they called The Alamo. What happened next is the reason The Alamo is so popular. On February 23rd, 1836, anywhere from 1,000 to 6,800 Mexican soldiers marched on The Alamo with orders to take the fort as the first step in a campaign to take back Texas. What ensued was a thirteen day standoff between the Mexicans and the texians holed up in the fort. While The Alamo was well built and fortified, there were only about one hundred texian soldiers in the fort, and reinforcements were miniscule. After a twelve day standoff with very little casualties on either side, the Mexicans finally charged towards The Alamo and surrounded the fort from all sides. The texians defended as best they could but were eventually overcome by the sheer force of the Mexican