Why I Miss My Grandparents Essay

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it's crazy how my mom can go on every social media and post pictures of me claiming that I'm a model but behind close doors she tells me I'm not
It's crazy how she boast about me getting honors all over facebook but when I go to her and ask her to bring me to buy materials for my project she says "No, I don't feel like"
It's crazy how she always insulting me calling me a bitch, liar, and says that what I wanna do with my life is be on the street with men but when I say she's calling me a hoe her response is that those words never left her mouth.
I honestly think that I will never have love for either of my birth parents because my real parents passed away several years ago. My grandma and my grandpa because they would have never done anything to put me down they were always lifting me. It's crazy how my mom tags herself in every track picture I post but has only been to three meets. I've been doing track for three years. There is 10 meets each season I do both indoor and outdoor track so
20×3=60 meets since my freshman year. The reason I'm doing this because I wsnna shed some light on my life to my family and friends on FB. I go to 7am­2:10pm then I have practice from 2:30­5 mind you when I get home from practice I have homework to do which goes on forever and they claim that we as teenagers are suppose to eight hours of sleep. I don't go to bed till 12 then I have to wake up at six to do the whole process over again but through all that
I'm suppose to act…