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Table of Contents
Background Information 2
Primary/Root Problems 2
Changes in the Workplace 2
Decrease in employee morale and job insecurities 3
No policies or procedures pertaining to sexual harassment 3
Secondary Problems 4
There is a 5% decrease in productivity 4
Workers not cooperating or following rules 4
Dominantly male workforce 5
Recommendations and Solutions 5
Develop a commitment strategy 5
Sexual harassment policies 6
Employee attitude surveys
Strengthening employee relations practices 7
Outplacement 7
Implementation Plan 8
Short-term plan 8
Medium-term plan 9
Long-term plans 9

Widgets Case Study #1
Background Information:

As a top competitor in its field, Widgets International has become a well-established company operating out of London Ontario and currently employs over two-hundred people. The company has a stable workforce with 75% of its members having been with the company for ten years. Over three quarters of Widgets employees are male. In response to growing demands in such a competitive market, Widgets International introduced new technology and streamlined production processes. After securing a major contract two years ago, Widgets hired 48 new workers of which the majority were male. Issues of sexual harassment have been reported and discussions amongst employees regarding changes in the organization are negatively affecting the work climate. Over the last year, Widgets International has decreased 5% in overall productivity.
Primary/Root Problems

Changes in the workplace
Widgets International is currently operating under a cost leadership strategy in order to compete within its highly competitive market. This means the company has incorporated new technology in order to reduce operating expenses and provide the lowest possible prices to its consumers. Those who would be involved in this primary problem would be higher executives within the organization who possess the authority to make such decisions. Although the implementation of new technology and procedures are cost efficient, the company is also replacing its man power with machinery.
Decrease in employee morale and job insecurities
Since Widgets International incorporated new methods for efficiency and productivity through means of technology, its workforce morale has declined dramatically. Many of these workers are now anticipating lay-offs based on previous experience within an organization that has taken advantage of the technological advancements of the 21st century. One needs only to refer to the British Columbia lumber industry whose production has increased by 25% in the last ten years but staffs 9% less employees. All members of the organization are involved and affected by this problem from the CEO of the company to its line workers. The largest implication this will have on the company is that they will lose employees. People who do not feel valued at work will be more inclined to leave. Widgets would then be faced with the inability to retain its workforce and would develop high turnover rates.
No policies or disciplinary procedures pertaining to sexual harassment
Widgets international has reported several incidents of sexual harassment in the workplace. The company is clearly unaware of its vicarious liability and responsibility to abide by the Ontario Human Rights Act. This is evident because the complainant had addressed the issue several times and no actions were taken. In fact, the company assumed that the issue would simply disappear with the retirement of the accused. This problem will affect every member of the organization as each individual is susceptible to harassment and will have no power over the situation. This puts the company’s reputation at serious risk for not abiding by the law and not taking issues of such severity in a serious manner as required.
Secondary Problems:

There is a 5% decrease in productivity
Widgets International has experienced a 5% decrease in