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Marketing Plans

• Act as a roadmap. • Assist in management control and the implementation of strategy. • Inform new participants of their roles in implementing the plan and achieving objectives. • Assist in helping to obtain resources. • Stimulate thinking and the better use of resources. • Provide an order to the organization and assignment of responsibilities, tasks, and timing. • Warn of problems, opportunities, and threats in the future.

Who is your customer and What Do They Need?
Why Should the Customer Buy from You?

The Marketing Mix (4 P’s)
Product – Price – Place - Promotion


Cover Page Table of Contents
01. Executive Summary
02. Analysis of External Environment (Situational Analysis) – market – product
03. Threats and Opportunities
04. Marketing Goals and Objectives
05. The Target Market
06. Competition
07. Marketing Strategy
08. Action Programs (Marketing Tactics)
09. Implementation and Controls (Timelines)
10. Budgets
11. Appendices

This format is ideal as a stand-alone Marketing Plan or as a “Plan within a Plan” insert for the Business Plan. This template can also be used as a guideline to keep your informal marketing planning on track.

Instructions: This document is formatted for your convenience with easy to read fonts and appropriate margins for readers to make notes. Simply overwrite the sample text and add your own details. • Insert this Marketing Plan template in Section 4 of the Business Plan template if a complete BP is being undertaken. Do not include this Executive Summary, Financials or Appendix as these are provided in the Business Plan template). • Change the cover page to suit your business. • Delete this page. • Add the appropriate page numbers to the Contents when completed.

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Table of Contents

01 Executive Summary Page 3

02 Analysis of the External Environment Page 4

(Situational Analysis) 02-01 Market Page – 02-02 Product Page --

03 Threats and Opportunities Page --

04 Marketing Goals and Objectives Page --

05 The Target Market Page --

06 Competition Page --

07 Marketing Strategy Page --

08 Action Programs (Marketing Tactics) Page --

09 Implementation and Controls (Timelines) Page --

10 Budgets Page --

11 Appendix Page --

01. Executive Summary

Provides an overview of the entire plan, including a description of the product or service, the differential advantage, the required investment, and the anticipated sales and profits. It may vary in length from one paragraph to several pages and is the last section written. This provides the reader with a summary of each section and must catch their attention. It is the first section they will read and the last section you will write. It should be one or two pages.

02 Analysis of External Environment

Presents relevant background and research data on the market, product or service, competition, and distribution. The four P’s will be covered in greater detail under Action Plans.

02-01 Market (Situational Analysis)

Describes in detail all economic factors that can affect the sale of the product or service. Much of this information can be obtained from Statistics Canada or the