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The head of the board of studies have decided to remove the study of Wilfred Owen. With much respect I strongly disagree. Even though his poems were written almost one hundred years ago his message about war still remains important. Owen has not only seen the war but he had also experienced war himself and we should be privileged that we are able to study his poems. Owen’s generation were conned into thinking that war had great outcomes. By using his own witness accounts and his own experiences Owen’s poems make his readers realize the reality of war that it is wasteful, horrific and meaningless. He conveys the reality of war using many techniques in his poems “Dulce et Decorum Est,” “Disabled” and “Mental Cases”.
As you can see in my power point war is destructive, tragic and cruel and this is exactly what Owen was trying to show. “Dulce et Decorum Est opens in a visually clear and striking mental images, as you can see, when these young soldiers are being described as old women. Owen has used simile, hyperbole and verbs to create the image of these young soldiers into the readers mind of how and what these soldiers felt. The young soldiers are permanently aged, physically neglected and mentally numb
. This unfortunately had not changed in the modern day. The various verbs “smothering”, chocking”, “gargling”, terrible enough, is then used to create the image of the vileness of the soldier’s suffering. The techniques used definitely makes your skin crawl. This poem shows the viewers of what soldiers go through on the battlefield. His listing of words gives you the effect of all the pain and despair that the soldiers go through and have to live with for the rest of their lives. This poem promotes the inglorious of war which is a good reason to study Wilfred Owen. “Disabled”, and “Mental Cases”, both show the permanent damage of war. These sorts of poems is one of those poems that demands to be read aloud as we need to savour the horrific sounds of