William: Pharmacy and Medical Field Essay

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Sally Wigs
Mrs. Killo
English 101
28 August 2013
Interview Invention Tool 2013 I was introduced to Marcus Hatter in our English 101 class. I learned that he is a very intelligent, outgoing, and hardworking gentleman. Marcus has goals that he wants to accomplish within the next couple of years at Gadsden State Community College. As he is deciding his career choice at Gadsden State there is some inspiration that has shoved him in a certain direction. Within the next two years there will be things that he will have to balance his school time with. Over the past 3 years Marcus has been trying to decide on what career he would most likely have the most success in. His mind has changed from a Physical Therapist to going into the medical field and so on and so forth. Right now he is just going to get his basics at Gadsden State and then transfer to Auburn University. Marcus is going to get a degree in the medical field. Because of such a high demand for jobs in the medical field, Marcus feels like he should lean toward a job in the medical field as a career. In the medical field there is a large expansion of choices to pick from for a career. Marcus’s father is a Pharmacy Tech at Physicians Apothecary in Gadsden. One of the choices that Marcus has chosen to look into is Pharmacist. His father and the high demand for a job in the medical field has inspired him to go into this because there will always be a job in this field. Going to college is very time consuming. Marcus has to balance his school time with his job. He works for his mother’s friend, Randy . He is helping Randy build