Wind: Need and Positive Attitude Essay

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One personal goals
I think that a few things that have been re-enforced throughout the unit is to stay positive and visualize what it is that you want. This does carry over, once you start to believe that you can accomplish something that is when you start working harder and more diligently towards your goal. Also having the positive attitude will show more to others and will help you; no one wants vision of success a reality. If we tell ourselves everyday what we want, we will become more positive in our abilities. We shouldn't let being discouraged keep us from making our vision a reality. If you want to get an A on a test, tell yourself, I am going to ace this test. If you want to have a good interview, tell yourself, I will be calm and poised during my interview. I believe in affirmations and the power they have to change the way your mind works.

Professiona goals
After graduation I want to get a job in the field that I am studying for, paralegal. I want to start out either working for a law firm, a major business, or for the government. I would like to retain that position for 3-5 years then continue on to something working directly as a paralegal aid for an attorney. Once I have a very clear understanding of the legal field I either want to continue to become a litigation paralegal or go back to school to attain my law degree. I feel that I would be equally happy as a litigation paralegal as I would be as a lawyer, and want to see how I actually feel once I have the position I currently seek before deciding for sure if I would rather work toward becoming a litigation paralegal or a lawyer.

Academic goal to pass all my class and to learn how to use what learn in class to help me in the new job market and pass what I learn in school to my kids, so they use it to build a great carries so they can help their family, to turn all my class worked on time and work with my teacher so I can do well in class and make I know I have some beliefs that I need to work on changing. It takes everything we've learned so far to change. We have to be aware of our scotomas, utilize positive self-talk to create a more positive self-image, and remember to be humble to those around us!

Stay positive and set your goals and then work hard to make your goals a reality. If you believe you can not do, make sure you have positive people in your life and they will help you keep a positive attitude. As long as you keep positive people in your life they can encourage you that you can do it. Once you realize that you can do it, achieving your goals will be a piece of cake. If you keep a positive attitude and positive people in your life then you can make it and once you do it then you can help