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Wireless Technologies Proposal

Introduction Party Plates has grown to a point where we need to incorporate smart phones and GPS into our business model. We need to make our team more efficient and increase productivity. By putting the precision of Real-Time GPS tracking into our vehicles and upgrading our sales team and delivery drivers with the new iPhone 4S we will get the greatest value from them all. These two wireless technologies may seem expensive but it is an investment we must make to improve our business. Pros of smartphones There are several benefits for incorporating smart phones into our business. First, smartphones will benefit our workforce by making everybody available at all times. Currently, we often have to rely on having our employees near a desktop or laptop computer in order to communicate with them. With smart phones employees can be reached at any time, whether in the office, at lunch, or at home. We can save a lot of time getting decisions made and questions answered this way. Smart phones also provide our employees a resource to use to access our billing and inventory systems. When a customer needs an issue resolved quickly, our employee can solve it with the click of a button wherever he or she may be and can communicate with the customer just as quickly. Cons of smartphones One negative aspect of the smart phone could be burdening our employees with the feeling that they are at our beck and call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We would need to ensure our employees we still want their lives balanced as they currently are without smart phones. Pros of GPS

Similarly, GPS could really improve our company's effectiveness. Currently, our employees have to use cumbersome and sometimes out-of-date map books when navigating on the road. Providing GPS to our employees, especially our sales force will allow them to get to their customers in the most time effective manner. They also will not be tempted to drive with one eye on the road and one on their map book, which could help to eliminate costly auto accidents. Con of GPS

The GPS can be expensive to purchase, however; and often will need to be updated as road and traffic patterns change.


Although there are risks with the use of these wireless technologies, the primary reasons for providing smart phones and GPS devices to all of the sales and delivery people is