The Life Of The Puritans

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Puritans came to America to seek religious freedom, but the Salem court system abused its power, keeping the abuses the puritans hoped to escape. Puritans originated from New England, and many than migrated to America. They separated from the church, in England, hoping to freely profess their religion in the United States. The Church of England had different beliefs and thoughts than the Puritans. Many Puritans who practiced their religion, were executed in England. They did not have any freedom to practice their religion. They thought that by escaping to America they would have the freedom they desired. The Puritans had very strict rules, laws, social orders. The Witch Trials unbalanced the people of Salem. The Puritan community had many different beliefs. Most of which where very strict. They believed that their religion was the only good and correct one, the other ones where bad. Dressing immoral or inappropriate was considered sinful, most of the women where dressed very proper. Women couldn't wear pants or shorts. They could only wear skirts and dresses. Everything was centered around the church. The Puritan Church was in charge of the government, state and school. They taxed everyone, but only people from their religion could vote. They didn't really let the people do much of what they wanted, like dancing in the woods. Their was a punishment for everything that they considered bad, they would get whipped for dancing in the forest. "Abby would get whipped for dancing," in our community she isn't doing anything wrong. For the Puritans they believed that it was wrong to dance, specially out in the forest naked. The community was very strict. To strict pushes the people away from the community, but to easy on them then they would want to do what ever they wanted good or bad. To the people, the Puritan community, didn't give much freedom they desired to find, by coming to America. In ever community their are social orders. Some communities enforce and outline their social groups, others every ones the same just different social groups. To the Puritans their church was involved with everything and in charge of everything. So of course most of the people involved with the church and government, where the on the top of the social order. The government's top people where involved in the court, Judge Hathorne and Deputy Governor Danforth. They took a major role in the Salem Court System, decided if the people where guilty or not. Reverend Paris, who was lead of the church, wasn't liked very much by the people. The people of the Puritan community where in the middle of the social group. They didn't all get along, but at the end they where all one community. The slaves where at the bottom of the list. Some Puritans where also at the bottom of the list. Only if the community thought of them that way or their was a lot of bad gossip about them. During the Salem Which Trials, they would believe the people who on the top more, than the people on the bottom. Even without evidence, they would just take their word, thinking they are telling the truth since they are on the top social order. In the Crucible Abigail had said "Tituba made me do it, she made us drink blood". Abigail was blaming Tituba for conjuring spirits and witch craft. Without any evidence they believed Abby instead of Tituba, since