Women In The Civil War Essay

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Mario Flores
1/15/14. Women In The Civil War
The Civil War was the greatest war of all time in the US with an estimated 618,000 American soldiers died. The Civil War was to be a decision whether the United States was to dissolve and stay a separate confederation of states that would not be together as a union and whether this nation, born of a declaration that all men were created with an equal right to life, liberty, and property. There was a small population that hid in between the military lines of the US army, these were dedicated women that were had the passion of taking part in the war to bring the US together and to abolish slavery. Women were not able to include or volunteer into the Civil War. The women would dress like men, changed their name, and talked different to take the position of a men soldiers. The women that joined the army believe that they had as much right as men did to fight and take part in the war and were destined to fight. Most of the women got caught as role playing a man, but then again women there were some women that made it through into the army for a few months, years, and even throughout the whole war. These women were acknowledged for being brave and strong. Most of theses women were under the age of 30 and unmarried. They could join the war because they usually didn't have children to leave home. For the women that didn't want to go to war stayed home which was difficult for them because they were all by themselves left with the kids to take care