Role Of Women In Politics

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Women’s involvement with African national congress and organizations was a based on their awareness of the need for progressive changes in political and economic structures.

Seidman argues that women in south Africa have learned the lessons from there previous liberation struggles and that their commitment as well as the commitment of their male comrades and the international community will help create a more positive outcome.

governed world. –Nancy Astor
Participation of women in politics is very important for the growth of a nation and for the increase in status and respect of women at large. Many countries in order to intensify the dignity of a woman are finding ways to increase the percentage of women in politics.
Women in politics will bring a greater social change to the society, nation and world at large. We will see more and more women living their dream life and participating in every field. It will drastically reduce the inequality between men and women.
Do women have a chance to overcome being head in charge. It has been said during the time when men were the bread maker and women were to be the homemakers. Women have been trying to wear the pants for centuries, whether it be as successful, career or in politics. It has always been controversy to whether women are capable of succeeding in doing jobs that men have been doing.

It is 21st century and Arab women are facing many challenges at global, regional and local levels

women must have a role