Women's Role In Beowulf

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Tony Boafo
8th Period
Woman a disgrace? Back then women were not treated the same as men, they were considered the lower class because of their gender, Beowulf is an epic that was based in the past in which women were not treated as equals as men. Women don’t play any important roles in beowulf because of the time period this epic was based on.
Women did not play an important in beowulf because women were not considered as important as men. In Beowulf the woman were presented as central to not only the story itself but to the society as a whole. In the Anglo-Saxon culture women were seen and considered as less important than men because men are the stronger ones, the leaders, the fighters or warriors, the heroes. “Hydg is another hostess who plays a role in the hall. She also passes the cup to the men, though we are not told the order she uses” this quote is an example of the women’s major role in society being servants to people even if they are considered high in class and hydg was the wife of king Hygalec. But women would also usually spend their time watching over the little ones, if the women had to speak up for their children they would instantly.
More of so reason why women are not important in the Anglo-Saxon time period was because during those times people, especially men would marry women, not for love, but for personal gain such as money, land, or power.During
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