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Smith Consulting Plan
Smith Consulting Plan
Joy Waters
October 10, 2011
Paul Stokes
Smith Consulting Plan
Boardman Management should hire Smith Systems Consulting for this project and give them complete control over the entire execution of the project, starting right from the analysis part to the final implementation of the project as Smith Systems Consulting is an expert in implementation of such software programs in organizations like Baderman Island Resort.
To start the engagement with Smith Systems, Boardman Management should set up an initial meeting with the consulting team members and make them aware about their needs and requirements and expectations from the engagement, so that there is clarity on the expectations about the project as well as deliverable. This is important to ensure that there is clarity on expectations about the project between both parties and requirements of the project are well understood by Smith Systems Consulting. During this initial meeting, all queries and concerns can be resolved and agreement upon scope of the project can be finalized.
After the engagement contract is signed, Boardman Management should assign a dedicated team to assist Smith's team in the implementation of the plan. This team will help consulting team members in securing cooperation from the employees, providing them necessary information and resources and will act as an interface between the organizational management and consulting team members. This is important to dedicate group of employees within the organization to assist the consulting team because such internal employees help in securing cooperation from employees and help the consulting team in understanding the processes of the organization and other industry specific considerations.
After finalizing the above items, Smith Systems Consulting will start with analyzing the existing status of information systems in the organization. In other words, it would undertake a complete audit of the existing word processing systems and will identify gaps between the existing status and proposed status after completion of the implementation plan. The gap analysis will also help in identifying the needs for resources, be it related to infrastructure or training of employees. After the completion of analysis, the findings will be discussed with Boardman's team members; so that they can be updated on the project status and agreement over the findings can be reached and made understood to the organization.
After this, Smith Systems will assist in required up gradation of infrastructure to ensure that the organization is ready to implementation. Further, Smith Systems will work closely with Boardman's team members to understand the impact of new processing system on existing works and processes and will prepare a plan to transition the existing processes and systems from the current word processing system to the new one. Care will be taken to ensure that no data is being destroyed during the transition and there