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After reading all different types of Theories of Religions in the textbook, I came more interested in theories of Religions as Projections of Human Needs by German philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach.
He saw that religions were basically projections of the wishes and essentials of humanity. He also said people tend to see themselves as helpless and dependent when they are facing challenges of life. For that reason, they strive to overcome their fear or problems through imagination. Feuerbach thought that people seek what can have in heaven compare what they can’t find on earth. He also mentioned that people tend to put religions off to the side when they do feel powerful and knowledgeable.
I strong agree with Feuerbach’s idea as well as his beliefs because we do live in the world that is sometimes hopeless and helpless. We try to imagine that there is someone out there that can help us physically and emotionally during tough times through spiritual beliefs. I personally faced many fears overseas where I ended up reading bibles, praying for long periods of time because it helped me to control my emotions and believed that God can help me through any danger.
Even though I agree with most of ideas and beliefs in Feuerbach’s theory, Sigmund Freud brought up a point that “humans project in the sky a great father imaged called God. He also thought that religious ideas are “illusions, fulfillments of the oldest, strongest, and most urgent wishes of mankind”. I believe it is not just