World Religion Essay

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Danielle Walker
World Religions
Field Trip Paper
4 May 2014
Different People’s Way of Life Many individuals abide or live life along a set of guidelines or follow a certain religion and that conveys their way of life. Religions have many values, beliefs, and aspirations among them. Worldwide many religions are practiced daily although some may be practiced more than others on a daily basis. I have learned about many aspects, values, and what the motive to practicing a certain religion may give to life. To studying certain religions in the classroom to attending churches and services of specific religions I have learned a great deal of information revolving around the true aspects of our worldwide ways of life. Among the few
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It was really helpful that I went to this church on the day I did because it was a smaller service and it was a question and answer service. With it being a question and answer service I learned that they don’t just talk about the religion. They talk about what is going on in the community as well. For example, someone asked about transform Rockford and how the church could possible help further the progress of the transformation. The impression that I got from its “world view” from architecture and artifacts was The Rehnberg Window which was a truly outstanding piece of architecture. This piece to me resembled what Unitarian Universalists are all about showing the acceptance of many different sources. The amount of detail structured throughout this figure was what caught my eye the most because the window symbolized what this religion was about in terms of inherent worth and dignity of every person. One other thing that was a big impression was the acceptance of one another and the encouragement to spiritual growth in congregations. One feature that pushed my first impression was really the atmosphere in which the service was conducted and how these people conducted themselves while presenting information. The representatives showed openness to anything and ideas of religions. This specific idea is what stood out to me the most and really conveyed my second impression. The