World War Ii and History Lessons Response Essay

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History Lessons Response Assignment
10% of the course grade (50 points)

In a typed, at least five paragraph (about two pages) response, students will analyze secondary sources to consider the representation of US history both within the US and throughout the world; primary sources will supplement the examination of these portrayals.

Students should base their analysis on the following two points:

1) Compare/contrast the representation of US history in the History Lessons excerpts alongside those in the American Promise.

Students may want to consider some of the following points: in what ways, are the portrayals from around the world similar and/or different to those published in the US? If the accounts contain striking differences, consider why this might be the case. To what degree is bias evident? Words are important tools; pay attention to how they are used.

2) Consider the ways in which the portrayal changes when the primary sources in Voices of a People’s History are inserted into the dialogue.

In what ways does a firsthand account of the event supplement the historical portrayal?

The response should incorporate several specific examples, from both the primary and secondary sources, as evidence for its conclusions; this analysis must be cited by text and page number(s).

Columbus is the topic of discussion for the first History Lessons response; all students must submit the first response. Students should submit three of these responses (including the required first response) over the course of the semester. The first History Lessons response is worth 10 points. The two remaining required responses are worth 20 points each. After completing three responses, students can earn up to 20points extra credit, if some of the remaining responses are submitted; each additional response is worth up to 10 points each.
Due dates and the assigned sections from History Lessons and the corresponding secondary and primary sources appear on the reverse side of this prompt; this information is also listed in the assignments section of the course syllabus. All work must be submitted directly to the professor, in class or during office hours; regardless of the reason History Lessons responses will not be accepted late or electronically.
GRADING RUBRIC: with the exception of the first and extra credit responses, each response is worth 20 points
Format: 5 points
The response is typed and stapled. The response is at least five paragraphs in length, roughly
5-7 sentences each. Throughout the response, both secondary and primary source examples are cited.

Content and Analysis: 15 points
The response includes analysis of all assigned readings. In other words, the response incorporates each of the texts from around the world into the analysis as well as includes the assigned readings from American Promise and Voices of a People’s History. The response provides specific examples from both the secondary and primary sources; most importantly, the response provides directed analysis of these examples.

History Lessons Excerpts and Corresponding Secondary and Primary Sources
*DUE 3/06 History Lessons Response 1: Columbus
Assigned Readings: HL (6-12); AP (25-36, 45-49); VPH (30-45)

*History Lessons Response, Midterm Short Answers: The American Revolution
Assigned Readings: HL (33-48); AP (164-169, 173-204); VPH (79-81; 87-91)

DUE 3/27 History