World War Ii and Neville Chamberlain Essay

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Interviewer: Hello and good morning. Today we have a very special guest Neville chamberlain and we are going to be talking about if Britain is going to be declaring war on Germany and what Neville chamberlain and the government are going to do about it.
Neville chamberlain: well we have just come out of a war in terms of the country and I don’t think us as a country or Europe is ready for another one. Interviewer: it total agree with you and understand what you’re saying but isn’t Hitler readying up his troops and re-arming Germany and as far as I know correct me if I’m wrong but that a violation of the treaty of Versailles.
Neville chamberlain: yes you are correct but we don’t what to make harsh decisions and have war break.
Interviewer: so you’re doing nothing and just letting him arm his country
Neville chamberlain: yes because Hitler is doing this to protect Germany form communism which me and you a hardworking man both don’t like and France and us Britain both believe that if we were under attack by communist Germany could protect us.
Interviewer: just before you leave I have a few more questions to ask
Neville chamberlain: ok I’m up for them (laughter)
Interviewer: You say Germany is not looking for war but why are they now taking their land back and joining with Austria which is both violations of the treaty of Versailles
Neville chamberlain: yes I do understand where you coming from and how this can frustrate many people and how this can look like it lens more to war but I believe Germany is doing this in good will and do not what to case trouble.
Interviewer: would you mind