Wounded Warrior Advertisements Essay

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The debate of post military support has been a popular topic for years. The Wounded Warrior Project has decided to try and put a halt to cutting benefits to military veterans, especially wounded veterans. The Wounded Veterans' Organization, The United
Service Organization, as well as many other organizations, are doing their part in order to support our veterans in the most crucial times of these heroes lives. The main way these organizations are trying to get involved is by trying to collect donations and provide easy way for citizens to show their support, however, the Wounded Warrior Project does a better job in advertising and raising awareness for the support of the heroes that need support more than ever. Since 2002, the Wounded Warrior Project has done all they can to collect donations and advertising to raise awareness for post military support. Their values include: Raising awareness and promote the public's assistance for the needs of injured service members, to assist injured service members and help each other, and to provide unique, support and supervise programs and services to meet the needs of injured service members. The mission of the Wounded Warrior Project is "to honor and empower Wounded Warriors" The Wounded Warrior Project has a vision to "To foster the most successful, well-adjusted generation of wounded service members in our nation's history." Many of these soldiers are doing everything they can now that they are post military, just to get by. This organization is doing its absolute best in ensuring it isn't as difficult for these veterans to survive after risking their life to defend us.

In the first advertisement, the first thing that caught my eye was the use of the American Flag as the backdrop. Many war related advertisements seem to use the American Flag for a patriotic emotions effect. The American Flag is a universal symbol for our country. Soldiers fight, and have fought in prior wars, for this flag. The American Flag being depicted as the sky seems to portray that the patriotism in these soldiers are as apparent as the sky is blue. Using the image of all the soldiers fully dressed toting their weapons in this formation shows unity and support for one another, and is a perfect example of how the community should be. If the country were as united as these soldiers, the issue of cutting support for post military personnel wouldn't be an issue. The text on this image "the greatest casualty is being forgotten" is the trademarked phrase that the Wounded Warrior Project uses. This further supports the need for unity and support from the American people. The worst thing that could happen to these soldiers is their sacrifice being forgotten. The Wounded Warrior project logo itself on the bottom of this advertisement shows a soldier carrying a wounded comrade. To me, this symbolizes much more than that. If in a time of war, with a million other things going on, a soldier can stop to try and bring a wounded comrade to safety, from the safety of our own homes, we should be able to support these heroes when they get back state side.

In the second advertisement, Ian Lennon, a wounded veteran, is shown holding a picture of himself before he suffered from third degree burns in Baghdad, Iraq. The advertiser is trying to evoke emotion from the viewer of the advertisement by showing the severity of the injuries he sustained defending our country. In a split second, he became unrecognizable compared to previous photographs of himself. By showing this photograph, it makes the issue become closer to home. The advertiser shows a real person, and a real accident, to ensure in the viewers mind that these things really do happen, and they happen much too frequently. The veterans have a hard time acclimating back to life as a citizen, particularly after a dehabilitating injury, but the Wounded