Writing an Essay Andresearch Guidelines

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1) When preparing and setting up your paper in the APA format, what are the required margins, fonts, and spacing? It has to be double spaced and the font style 12in and Times New Roman as the font face all the margins need to set at 1in left to right and top to bottom. 2) Please describe the following components of a research paper in APA format and how you would use Microsoft Word to create them:

* Title Page- The title page is the first page of your paper. It has the title of your essay, the Institutional affiliation your name and the Running Head title and the page number. Using Microsoft the header and footer notes to align your papers or to use a sample paper.

* Paragraph Formatting – Changing the look of the overall paper format and how to indent.

* Citations – is materials used to reference what the materials are and the author name a where you found the information using quotation.

* Reference Page – Is where you received all your information with the top number and the Running head in place with the Reference title page and the author(s) names in alphabetical order.

* Abstract- Is a summary of what the main body is telling related to the thesis. Some people don’t use the Abstract part it’s not needed for Career Essay. (Please note that longer APA research papers must include an abstract. While our paper does not require an abstract, always verify with your instructor to see if it is required). 3) When writing