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From the perspective of a teenager in today’s society, reading is most likely the last thing in their mind. There might be that one student who reads everyday but she’s probably considered the “loser” because of that. The slight reading that might occur in the lives of teenagers would consist of facebook notifications, tweets, text messages and even more. If you are one of those teenagers who are reluctant to read habitually, you are missing out. According to this article, done by Lana Winter-Hebert, reading provides teens, along with everyone else with a momentous number of benefits you could use throughout your daily life.
Based on Hebert’s statements, reading is told to stimulate your mind. Studies executed by scientists have shown that being in peek mental health may slow the progress or even prevent the growth of Alzheimer’s disease. Practicing mental exercises daily keeps your brain active, therefore preventing it from losing any power. Similar to any muscle in the body, the brain requires a certain amount of exercise in order for in to maintain it strength and health. Playing games that oblige you use your mind, such as chess or checkers. Another advantage that is entailed in reading is the major reduction of stress. After a hard day of work or school, reading could be a great way to keep you in the moment, while allowing tensions to drain away giving you the chance to relax. Reading a great novel can put in other world and help you forget about all the problems you may face in the real world.
As long as stress reduction and mind stimulation, reading gives you a variety of knowledge on multiple subjects. All the information you read from the internet, book, or article will stick and your head and will come in handy when you need it most. Thus, with any new information you have acquired, you will be better off when you face the challenges