Wuthering Heights Essay

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AP English Literature and Composition


Title: Wuthering Heights
Author: Emily Bronte
Date of Publication: 1847
Genre: Gothic Fiction

Biographical Information about the Author

Historical Information about the period of publication

1847: James K. Polk is president of the U.S.(1845-1849). Michigan is the first state to abolish capital punishment. Samuel colt sells his first revolver pistol to the U.S. Government. The Battle of Buena Vista Mexico; Zachary Taylor defeats Mexicans. The American-Mexican war. U.S. General Winfield Scott captures Mexico City. The Panic of 1847 which was a collapse of the British Financial Markets.

Characteristics of the Genre

Gothic Fiction combines fiction, horror, and Romanticism. Often set in old, rundown structures: Castles, great country manors. It is more of a mystery. The name comes from medieval architecture

Plot Summary

Lockwood meets Heathcliff at Wuthering Heights. He stays the night at Wuthering Heights where he is haunted by Catherine Lintons Ghost. He then goes back to Thrushcross Grange. When Nelly Dean tells the story of the Lintons. Heathcliff goes with Mr. Earnshaw to live. Mr. Earnshaw later dies. Heathcliff and Catherine become close. But she decides to marry Edgar instead. So Heathcliff marries Edgars sister, Isabella. Catherine gives birth to Cathy Linton then dies. Isabella moves to London and had a Son, Linton Heathcliff. Isabella id dying. Edgar goes to London to say his goodbyes and takes Linton Heathcliff. Isabella dies. Heathcliff is over both the houses (Thrushcross Grange and Wuthering Heights). Heathcliff dies and both Hareton and Cathy inherit the houses.

Describe the author’s style
An example that demonstrates that style

Memorable Quotes

Role in the Story
1. Mr. Earnshaw

2. Mrs. Earnshaw

3. Hindley Earnshaw

4. Catherine Earnshaw

5. Heathcliff

6. Isabella Linton

7. Edgar Linton

8. Frances

9. Hareton Earnshaw

10. Cathy Linton

11. Linton Heathcliff

12. Mr. Lockewood

13. Nelly Dean

14. Joseph

15. Mr. Green

Catherine, Hindley and Heathcliff’s father

Catherine, Hindley and Heathcliff’s mother

Catherine and Heathcliff’s brother
Hareton’s father

Heathcliff and Hindley’s sister
Marries Edgar Linton
Gives birth to Cathy Linton

Catherine and Hindley’s brother
Marries Isabella Linton
Linton Earnshaw’s father

Marries Heathcliff
Sister to Edgar