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Wuthering heights
Nature allows relationships to be true (This lime-tree bower my prison) nature is a place for relationships Wuthering heights Cathy and Heathcliff children run in the meadows “one soul” free from anyone
Heathcliff Byronic hero contrasts with Frost at Midnight, gentle expression of the gentry (new money vs old money) Individualism (black but a gentleman) Neoclassicist
Reaction against neo-classicist due to movement
City vs rural Frost at Midnight
Context Values and Analysis
2 Colderige poems and wuthering heights
-Bronte was a woman in a Patriarchal society- published under Ellis
-Noveau Riche were questioning the power of the traditional Augustan upper class
-Bronte grew in Thorton, Yorkshire - Wild moors
“in nature man is….” Wordsworth
“You said I killed you haunt me”
Cautionary tale on the importance of following your heart, society can corrupt
Contrasting the estate with wuthering height and how they symbolise the inhabitant within and therefore heightening neo-classicist and romanticism
Context, personal experience, individualism and nature
Wuthering height
Effect and Link
Nature= creates spiritual identity and relationships with others therefore establishing pantheisms
Personal context Emily bronte grew up in wild moors find a quote from famous person which shows how nature is a fine form of expressing ourselves

Similes, metaphors
Spiritual identity= free to express yourself