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World War 1- started at when everyone made up alliance in Europe.
They created mobilizations to be ready for war.
Arming- they were building up armies and railways for fast transportation.
Nationalism- you had to kill for your country if the other person was not the same nationality.
The US was making huge money selling arms to the British.
US was warned by Germany to stop selling arms to the British but they ignored the Germans.
This put the US into war
American Ambassador said it was all about money for the US
George Creel- headed committee on the people
• 75000 4-min men
• Delivered propaganda to make the war popular
Creel with movies made around 800000 dollars in support for the war when movies where only 5 cents each
The propaganda was cruel and people wanted to got to war
Germans in the US were picked on and hated
Eugene V. Debs- became a socialist. He was thrown in prison for espionage.
He criticized the war and got 10 years unanimously by the Supreme court.
Smeddles D Butler- @ congressional medals of honor
He compared himself to Al Capone and put down Capone saying he was nothing.
21000 new millionaires according to Butler after the war.
130274 soldiers (American) died in WW1
Machine guns and gas hill/mowed down people.
Russia pulled out In 1917 because of the revolution in Russia.
Ottoman Empire November 1914
Fought in a lot of continents (WW1)
Africa was even in the war
WW1 became a war because each country had property had property were there was war.
Japan joined the alliance in 1914.
1917- Germany resumes submarine warfare- Zimmerman Telegraph
Women played a part as nurses and helping form war
Russia- ill equipped for the war
1914-1916, -over 6 million casualties
Russia suffers inflation hunger
Tsar overthrown by communist rule
March 1917. Bread and peace protests
The Bolsheviks led by Vladimir Lenin
Communism- nationalized banks and industries, grain and state centralization
Leonid Trofskiy – one of the greatest generals of all time
Germany had new hopes after Russia withdrew
November 11, 1918- WW1 was over
1919-Paris Peace treaty conference
The Versilles treaty pissed off the Germans
They lost land and resources to the French and had to demobilize their entire military.
They had to pay restoration dues
They couldn’t build planes or any other new military tech
Gas hasn’t been used in large scales