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Causes of WW1 1. Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia in 1914 2. The Balkans were considered the powder keg of Europe, because of the nationalistic spirit that was causing revolts and rebellion in that area, prior to WW1, where the war began.. with the assassination of Franz. 3. Germany and Great Britain were in competition for industrial dominance 4. Out of fear of Germany. Russia, France, and Britain formed the triple entente. 5. The spark that started the war was because- the assassination of Franz Ferdinand 6. The central powers were. Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire (Turkey), and Bulgaria. 7. Allied powers were- Britain, France, Italy, U.S., and Russia 8. Russia was brought into the war because of their alliance with Serbia 9. Britain declared war on Germany in 1914, in response to the “German invasion of Belgium”. 10. 4 Main causes of ww1: Militarism, imperialism, Nationalism, Aliiances
11. The Eastern Front was in Russia (tannernburg) or (Ukraine) 12. The Western Front was located in Belgium and France (swiss broder) 13. The technology developed during ww1 was machine guns 14. Italy belonged to the Triple Alliance before ww1 15. The industrial rev. brought new technology which gave way to superior weaponry. 16. The schlieffen plan was the German plan for war against Russia & France. 17. The U.S. entered the war because Germans had declared unlimited German submarine warfare and the Zimmermann note.