Your marriage can remain attached. Essay

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your marriage can remain attached. who needs marriage? 40% Of Americans believe that marriage is obsolete (outdated, (inappropriate to the circumstances), if the marriages are obsolete then healthy societies soon be obsolete. Divorce and unmarried parents maternity / os costs them to payers of taxes $112 billion a year, and considerably increases the poverty level in the mothers as children, married mothers have lower levels of depression than single mothers or who cohabit. The social cost is huge how to build prisons. The vast majority of prisoners come from poor households or have grown up without a father, how anyone can say that marriage is not important? What we can do to strengthen our own marriages and marriages in our Church and community. We need to establish classes of marriage to committed couples and marriage for the marriage enrichment courses.
1) social and economic collapse!
The ideal of the Bible for marriage is a man and woman in a long-term relationship, rather instead of divorce free our culture have to undergo the free gospel of Jesus Christ, which can enable couples to live together in love, joy, accomplishment and security.
We live in an era of disposable marriages. There are many victims of the epidemic of divorce.
(2) like staying married. Genesis 2:21-25.
(a) priority of marriage.
(b) the permanence of marriage.
(c) the purpose of the marriage.
How we stayed together? to) a durable compromise, you need a total commitment to your marriage if you want to make your marriage last. All married couples have problems... love is not the main reason that holds their marriage together, their marriage is what keeps your United love. It is their commitment that