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We all grow up being told you can’t do this you can’t do that in our lives and now in schools. Now zero tolerance policy strives to reduce violence in schools and make schools a safer place for students. Zero tolerance was thought of in December 12,1989 but in 1994 “zero­tolerance became a very big ordeal and started spreading like a wild fire, when the gun­free schools act was passed.
(Gale,2014). These policies are any policy that allows no exception; “a zero­tolerance policy towards pedophile priest.” ( but also they government bodies and organization put in place to control parts of the populace. Zero tolerance is also good to enforce rules in school because of in the year 2000 more than 90% of U.S schools adopted the policy.(Gale,2014). Research shows from Greg
Patton that from 1999­2000 there were 9 fights with zero tolerance added to the school “GCHS” compared to another school without zero tolerance policies that had a total of 87 fights. (Huagen:
Greenhaven Press,2004) Now that people are adding more rules to the zero tolerance policy things have become crazier and more strict on everyone. There are many reasons good and bad about the zero tolerance policy. Including weather or not the policy is effective in reducing violence in schools, trying to handle disciplinary actions in a fair and civil manner, or whether or not all students are treated equally when punishment is being given. (educationtrendsandissues.wikipaces.) For an example of how zero tolerance was added in a New York school. Parents wanted to enforce zero tolerance in Brooklyn public schools over a 10 year old boy who was being taunted for being Jewish and overweight and he couldn't handle it anymore and he threatened to bring his dad gun to school if they wouldn't stop. After, the school heard about this transaction they removed him from the school and transferred him to a different school and was charged with juvenile harassment. To make it worse, his new school heard about this incident and other parents didn't want their kids around them so they would remove their kids from class and protest that he be removed. In the end the father brought the handgun with him, which he legally owned and registered and kept in a combination­ lock box which the police removed from the father. Now his child is homeschooled over that conteversourey. This is why they wanted to add

zero­tolerance in schools in New York. (Huagen: Greenhaven Press,2004).Back to what we were talking about before that example. According to the data from the U.S Department of Education and the center for safe and responsive schools at least 75% of schools report having zero tolerance policies for such serious offenses as; Firearms (94%)guns,Weapons other than firearms(91%), Alcohol(87%)
Drugs(88%),Violence(97%), and Tobacco(79%). ( The criticism has increased in the past 2 years as zero tolerance policies have become standard operating procedure in the nations 109,000 public schools. The pro’s of zero tolerance is the intention of these policies are genuine. Students who already respect the rules are more likely to think about their actions before they do anything “questionable.” ( pro would be that administrators have the power to deal with problems through more radical means such as suspension or expulsion. Which with this pro would probably make the teacher happy not the student or whomever is receiving the punishment. Now time for the con’s like you can be expelled for 1 calendar school year for possession of a weapon and referral of students who violate the law to the criminal or juvenile system. Another con is