A Cup of Imagination Essay

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A Cup of Imagination
Coffee is one of the world’s greatest luxuries. People from all over the Earth revel in the warmth and taste, opening their wallets continually to earn themselves a cup. Soldiers in the dark corners of the world yearn for the brew, and drink with patience and savor every drop when fortunate enough to have received the longed-for grinds in a gift package. It is a universal drink of which conversation is centered, from the cafés of Paris to the Starbuck’s in Seattle. Behind every cup of joe is a person, perhaps named Joe, who loves coffee. They are known as Barista’s. A barista is an artist of a sort, trained to carefully brew, to infuse with delicious flavor and bring it all together with a silky milk and electrify the taste buds of the one sipping. Each cup is of it’s own nature, crafted separately, cultivated from fine ingredients and served with a smile, in hopes of bringing warmth and energy to the customer. A glamorous job it is not, but much joy can be derived from serving another. The first and perhaps most important thing needed to brew a delectable cup of coffee are coffee beans. Beans are purchased by the bag, bushel, or barrel, depending on how much you need, and are run through a grinder, converting them into a soft powder, releasing the delicious scent into the air and nostrils of the one grinding. An espresso machine also comes in handy here. It is a steep upgrade from the bunn-o-matic at your local donut shop, and produces a strong, vibrant shot of coffee containing all the best parts, without being watered down. Some prefer to take these shots as if they were bourbon whiskey, leaving a strong after taste and a crunched-up look upon their face. Not the most enjoyable option, but it gets the job done. If you are looking to enjoy your coffee and not simply consume it for the purpose of a quick jolt in the midst of a busy workday, the only way to go is to add flavor and douse with milk. Lattes, mochas, breves, they all can do the trick. Oh, but you aren’t quite taken with dairy products? Never fear, almond, soy, and coconut milk are very reliable stand-ins. The milk of your choosing should be steamed to between 150-155 degrees, just hot enough to prolong consummation without burning your tongue, requiring some patience and anticipation, for what is life with out a little wait? Any array of flavor can be added; chocolate, caramel, white chocolate, vanilla, Irish cream, chocolate macadamia, hazelnut, coconut, cinnamon, maple, butterscotch, ginger bread, English toffee, almond, peppermint, crème de menthe, and much more. Different flavors can