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Demonstrative Communication
Nathia Herod
Glen P. Shivers

Demonstrative Communication Communications is the key to being successful in life. It determines our future outcomes, what we do in present life, and how we deal with people. Everyone communicates to one another whether it is through an email, text, verbal, and even nonverbal communication. What would the world do if there was no communication, better yet if there was not any proper communication to exchange with one another? No one would know how to express their emotions properly and there would probably be none of the successful businesses like, Wal-Mart, Target, and many other chain stores. One of the many reasons businesses can reach their goals and get them taken care of is because of the demonstrative communication that goes on between co-workers. Demonstrative communication is anything that involves; nonverbal communication, facial expressions, body language, and tone of voice. Demonstrative communications involves all parties that are trying to convey a message to one another; the receivers and the senders. You have to observe, listen and respond to one another in order to fully comprehend the point he or she is trying to convey. In the everyday work life, demonstrative communication is happening amongst co-workers all the time. If you were a receptionist for a hotel or an assisted living facility, you have to answer the phone in a business-like manner and be clear and concise so that the caller on the other end will be able to understand you. If you were to answer the phone and spoke to fast, you might find the person asking to say something over again wasting their time and yours. It is always best to speak concise and clear. When they respond most likely it is going to be a problem that needs to be resolved in which case, you could do it, or you can send the message, or transfer the call to the right person. It is important to listen and important to respond with the right tone of voice to assure whether you are the receiver or sender when communicating. Receptionists have to answer the phone with a smile and with a melodious tone so that the caller on the other end can feel comfortable and assured. If you were to answer the phone in a very lethargic tone, you are most likely conveying the message that you are bored and not want to be there. It may not be the case, but it will seem like it to the other person on who is the receiver. When communicating through emails, it can sometimes be hard to convey the tone of the message. If sending an important email, make sure to mark it as important and to tell the receiver they need to answer as soon as possible or a.s.a.p. You can you exclamation points and caps to convey the depth of importance in an email, but you just have to make sure you keep professional. When finally getting your response to an important email, you want to make sure that your email that you sent them had as much details as possible but to also make sure the email was prompt as well. Realtors do a wide range of demonstrative communication to inquirers looking to buy a home. Realtors often get walk-ins or schedule appointments, either way you have to be prepared for an inquiry on site. When you are doing a tour, you often have to listen to the needs and the wants of the buyers