A Good Man Is Hard to Find Essay

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“A Good Man Is Hard to Find”
1. Grandma came across as a being very selfish and self-absorbed. From the very beginning, she complained about the family’s trip, in order to fulfill her own desires to go down South. Even in the car she spent most of the time talking about her past some of the stories she had for her grandchildren.
2. Grandma showed another side of her, right before Misfit killed her. She showed a more compassionate side to her as she wanted to help redeem Misfit from violent life of crime. Misfit on the other hand had no clear desire to be redeemed at the time, but the reader could tell that he contemplated on his decision to kill grandma and her family. This showed a softer side to Misfit that is not very apparent from the beginning.
3. Grandma’s central conflict is an inner conflict that makes Grandma feels she is more superior to others. During the car ride, she spends, a lot of time telling her grandchildren about respecting others, however she refers to a young black boy as a “cute little pickaninny.” She also showed signs of superiority when she states that Misfit is, “One of my own children!”
4. The irony of the story is when grandma states her reasoning for dressing up in the car. She states that she wants people to know that she “was a lady” in case of a car accident. She must have known that she was going to die that do, as she would not have made such a vague statement. The good man that was hard to find was in her case Jesus, as she had to find