A Hollow Army Essay

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Change is inevitable after major combat operations. Insight from the United States’ history depicts a certain path in the reduction of military cuts. The lessons learned from history is to avoid creating a “hollow Army” by the rapidly reducing the Army’s budget and force structure. The guidance from past and current Chiefs of staff seems to carry less weight after diminishing combat operations. Past and current trends foster evidence that history will repeat itself. Reflections of these trends, that reveal the threat posed to our national security, should drive just how much trimming needs to be done to the Army’s budget and its personnel. The current and future fiscal state of the Army, due to budget reform and projection, coupled with sequestration, has resulted in some significant financial shortfalls in operations and maintenance. Significant cuts in the Army’s budget will place limitations on training ground forces in basic and specialized areas needed for proficiency in their occupational specialty. All Soldiers, Civilians and Family members will be affected. The motivation and high morale that we have in today’s Army, despite our nation being at war for ten plus years, is unprecedented. Some of our elected officials are completely oblivious to the sacrifices that the military face during the course of its combat operations. Once our homeland and national security are at risks, despite budget cuts and a lack of operational readiness, the military is tasked to fight, deter our adversaries and accomplish the mission of restoring our national security. Army Chief of Staff, General Raymond Odierno, stated in his testimony before the Senate Armed Forces Committee that “Army post-Vietnam was one that was undertrained, one that lacked appropriate equipment, was not ready, and lacked discipline.” In similar terms, previous Army…