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Toyota Model Line
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Toyota Model Line
Are you in need of a fuel efficient car with a cheap price? Well you came to the right place, welcome to Toyota, where “we’re quality oriented.” Toyota has use its ad showing ten economy vehicles from the 1970. In this ad, it features all the make and model of the cars available. The ad also includes the price range per vehicle and how many miles to a gallon each car gets. By effectively using its character and emotion, Toyota is able to convince its viewer into purchasing their vehicle. The ad was published by Toyota in the 1970s. The ad was published for anyone who is interested in the purchasing a fuel efficient economy passenger car. The ad shows a selective amount of Toyota economy passenger cars. Whether you are looking for a two door or a four door vehicle, they have it all. The ad also shows how much miles to a gallon the car gets along for the type of car you are buying. But underneath the cars is descriptive information of each model of the vehicle available with the price range. The pricing for the vehicles are set at affordable prices. Prices ranged from $1726-$3149. Toyota is number two in import, in sales and is claimed to be “quality oriented and the lowered price spread is spreading.”
The ad is showcasing a variety of Toyota passenger cars in black and white with their lights illuminating the sunset sky and is parked in a dirt parking lot. The cars are parked in a line according to the type of vehicle and its model. You can hear the sound of the carburetor and the smell of gas fumes as you walk by. As you excitingly open the door to your new car, you can smell the freshness of the interior and the dust crawling in. Each vehicle is detailed magnificently to shine brightly to attract the viewers. The first car shown is the Corona in a wagon model and a two door hardtop model. The corona is a meticulously built that can go from zero to sixty in sixteen seconds. Right behind the Coronas is the Corollas, also known as the “giant little” car, and its three models; the two door sedan, the two door fastback, and the 2 door wagon. This car is equipped with five main bearings, with a solid unit construction and gets thirty miles to a gallon. Then it shows three Mark IIs, a four door sedan, two door hardtops, or a two door sedan. The Mark II is Toyotas newest car. It comes with disc brakes and 108 hp. Then lastly it shows the Crown in a four door sedan or a wagon model. The Crown is also known as Japan’s most chauffeur car. This ad shows ten of Toyota’s economy cars.
Toyota effectively used its character to convince the buyers into purchasing a vehicle. I, myself, drive a Toyota from the 70s and I can say they are true to what they have claimed to be. Even now my 30 year old car is still running and driving fine. They claimed to be second in imports in the United States and I believe it. Toyota has claimed to be “quality oriented” and