Essay on A Melt of Success

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A Melt of Success

‘Crunch, crunch, and crunch’ a harmonious sound which promptly develops into a melody, the sound of one’s steps among the glistening white beauty which winter grants us: Snow. The amazement of this beauty always contributes to the illumination of my inner thoughts which ponders me to think about the questions of life. My walk back home is quite unique from others; instead of listening to music, I choose to listen to the lyrics of my thoughts.

I remember an exceptional quote brought upon during English Class. “To be, or not to be, that is the question” a famous line from Shakespeare’s play The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark in which Hamlet contemplates life, if one should continue to live and suffer or to just end one’s life to no longer suffer, in other words suicide. I grasp this quote in a meaning I can use in life; instead of using it as the direct meaning of suicide I interpret it as a way if one should ever even aspire to be anything in this world. I am no different as I think I am from others. I too fear the unknown. Was I certain yesterday that I would be waling over snow today? No. I am certain though that tomorrow the sun will shine upon at least two halves of the earth tomorrow; however, will I be alive to see it? I do not know. What if I am meant to become someone important in this world? What if I am meant to never go back home in which I perish in an unfortunate accident? The proven fact is that I don’t know. One may never be certain of anything in life therefore one can just plan to do something in the future instead of being certain to be able to fulfill it. One should not hate the uncertainty of life but of how insignificant thoughts…