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Ancient Philosophy: Class 3
-Hesiod is more systematic -theogony: birth of the gods, geneology -kosmos is stable b/c govern by group of gods (the Olympians) -zeus use force + persuasion so ppl are more satisfied than prev. generations
-Anax: means lord
-putting questions for this week up today/tomorrow -answer a question once per week

-as Plato interprets Pythagoras that he was a relativist
-Gorgia is a Sophist/teacher of rhetoric
-Democratise was an atomist
-Aristotle established Lyceum after Plato’s death

-Aristotle set students on research projects -most of Theoprastise’s work was lost but one thing found was about sensation


Two Thales’ theories
1. The Earth rests on water -where does the water rest on?
2. Everything comes to be from water: original source of all things -not that original -water might have been hypothesized to be there before creation?
3. Everything is in some sense water -dubious

-Aristotle starts work with survey of predecessor’s views -criticizes their work -wig history: studies how predecessor’s got to his actual truth

-problem with choosing water is that it is too definite -how do you get anything else like fire? -Aristotle said if you start with water, it will consume everything else


-the earth is aloft and not supported from anything -no sufficient reason for the earth to move anywhere -the earth is in the center and stays there as necessity