A Raisin in the Sun Summer Reading Assignment Essay

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The Big Picture
WALTER(Stumbles through the door looking messy and disheveled with his coat hanging in his hand)
MAMA“What’s gotten into you son? Don't tell me you've been down at that bar again!”
WALTER“Oh quit worrying that got nothing to do with this!”
MAMA“With what Walter? Spit it out son!”
WALTER“Bobo called me Mama, he said he knows where Willy Harris is! We are goin’ to get our money back!”
MAMA“Walter, Willy ain’t going to just hand over the money to you, for all we know he’s probably spent it all by this time!”
WALTERWell if there’s a chance he still got the money, I best go and get it back! Me and Bobo aren’t just letting him have it, that's for sure! (Rushes out of the door and slams it behind him)
MAMA(Sits in silence for a moment and rests her head in the palm of her hand)
BENEATHA (Enters and lets out a big sigh as she sits her self beside Mama) “What was all that yelling ‘bout Mama?”
MAMA(Picks her head up and stands up) “Walter and Bobo think they can get back their money.”
BENEATHA(Lets out a sarcastic laugh) “Oh Mama, and you didn't stop him? That’s foolish of him to even try! Wow it would be so great if I could just run away and leave all of my problems behind”
MAMA(Walks over to Beneatha) “Lord, child have I taught you nothin’ at all these past few years? You ain’t supposed to give up that easily when things ain’t goin’ your way!”
BENEATHA “I guess so Mama, but how…
WALTER (Walks through the front door and waltzes around the kitchen with a smirk on his face) “Is everybody ready? The moving men are downstairs! What’s the hold up?”
MAMA“Son, if we don't got the money, we can fix up some things and still live in this apartment”
WALTER“Oh quit talkin’ like a fool Mama! (Pulls out an envelope from his bag and begins to wave it in the air)
BENEATHA“Walter, how on earth did you manage to get back the money? Must’ve been near impossible! Galleee!
WALTER“Nothin’ to get too caught up in, but lets just say Willy ain’t no man to be makin’ any deals with again anytime soon!”
RUTH“What’s all the fuss about in here?”
WALTER(Hands Ruth the envelope and kisses her cheek)
RUTH“Well I don't know what to say. I ca… can't believe it!”
WALTER “Well now you best start believin’ it! It’s all there, all sixty-five hundred dollars!”
MAMA (Claps her hands together and lets out a laugh) “Praise the Lord! Well done son!”
WALTER“Now let’s get something right, I owe three thousand dollars to Beneatha for her college funds, and her future career as a doctor.” (Winks and smiles at Beneatha)
BENEATHA“And I suppose you’re going to open up your own liquor store with the rest?”
WALTER“Actually no, I’ve changed