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A. Short Summary
This case presents a dangerous situation due to the redesign of a fighter plane’s display control screen. In the middle of World War II, American pilots would fly the planes to defend from the Japanese. The real danger that threatened Dan Bowman’s life began when the sirens alerted the AAC of an incoming attack from Japanese planes. He was around 300 yards from the fighter planes. He started running towards the planes. By the time he got there, several planes were already taken. After a while he found the only plane left, the P-47, which had arrived just a couple of days before. Right away he realized the cockpit was completely different. Even though he was not familiar with the control panel he managed to find start the engine. Bowman was not able to get up in the air, but he was able to dodge all the bombs from the Japanese planes and survive.

B. Causes Of The Accident
1. The supply room relatively far from the fighter planes. Decreases efficient use of time.

2. Inefficient way to figure out which airplanes are available. Waste of valuable time.

3. Redesign of the plane’s cockpit and controls to fly the plane. The redesign of the plane’s main function caused the biggest accident of all and put in risk the life of Dan Bowman.

C. Ways To Design The System To Avoid The Accident
1 Improve the flow between steps required to complete mission. Redesign the layout to provide basic supplies closer to the area where the fighter planes are parked. Put