A Twisted Perception Essay

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A Twisted Perception

In an age dominated by mass media, the advertising industry has successfully consumed American culture with motivation, persuasion, and exposure. Specifically, women are a major target in advertising because they've been convinced various products will alleviate their vulnerability and constant desire for self-fulfillment. By analyzing an advertisement for perfume represented by Kim Kardashian, I was able to uncover the techniques and messages used that create a twisted perception of how women should perceive themselves. The sexist advertisement depicts distorted body imagery, self-exploitation, ageism, and a flawed sense of identity. Thus, creating an unhealthy lifestyle for woman as they try to find self worth through arbitrary products. In the ad, the gorgeous celebrity lies seductively across a floating silver circus ring, draped in a white luxury coat fur. Her body is bare aside from an off-white lingerie bustier bra on top, a skintight undergarment hardly covering her lower region, and shiny ivory heels. In her dark up-do sits a sparkling silver pendant and her lips are made appealing by bold, statement red lips. The chocolate and pink perfume bottle lies in the bottom right corner mid-sized, while the name, “K” is displayed in almost the center of the add just slightly left of Kim’s outspread body. Under “K” the slogan (caption) is asserted, “ The Voluptuous New Fragrance”, along with Kim’s full name in white, bold lettering. Obviously, the first thing that catches one’s eye is her flawless and perfectly defined body. When women, especially female youth examine ads like this, it has the potential to cause serious physical and psychological damage. Because of false figured depictions by advertising and media, the amount of women that acquire eating disorders (anorexia and bulimia, etc.) to control their weight is at an all-time high. The developing insecurity about weight also causes women to buy into the industry even more so when purchasing weight-loss products and dietary pills. When those products fail because of their unrealistic expectations, it can cause depression or other forms of mental instability. Also, society is often ignorant to the excessive use of Photoshop used in advertising. It’s an appalling method that gives women a perception of what one has to look like to be categorized as being beautiful. Instead of embracing the natural state of the human body, media finds it necessary to alter, cut, and modify “imperfections” in attempt to successfully sell a product. The promotion of non-existent perfection causes people to buy into plastic surgery hoping to fix something that isn’t flawed or broken. This ad displays falsity at its finest, giving women ambition to strive for an edited and airbrushed body they see in advertising that actually doesn't exist. Kim is not only displays a perfect body image, but also sexual exploitation masked by “sexiness”. The exaggerated use of white color is intended to symbolize innocence; fooling people into thinking the ad isn’t degrading at all. Sexuality is