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Training period 4th June to 8th June

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Ashok Leyland is a leading national and international truck and bus manufacturer and a part of the Hinduja group with a vision of being in the global top 10 in the M&HCV trucks(>7.5T GVW) segment and top be in the global Top 5 in M&HCV busses(8 m & above) segment.
Ashok Leyland Ennore plant is the first Ashok Leyland plant and is also the mother plant accounting to almost 40% of the total production of AL. This plant manufactures vehicles and important aggregates like engines, gearboxes and axles. Employing over 5000 people this plant is huge spread over 135 Acers.
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In the 4th day we visited the machine shop( shop 6 ) where the semi-finished engine major components are finished and sent to shop V.
The components finished here are cam shaft, cylinder head and cylinder block.

The first line we visited was the camshaft line. The processes observed were-
1. Camshaft molds placed in CNC machine for facing and centering by pick and place robots.
2. Camshaft axis straightened using straightening machine.
3. The turning operation is done on the journal. For this task , two machines are used to reduce the cycle time of the line.
4. Next the inspection of the camshaft is done to check if the diameter is in the required measurement.
5. Next the unturned journal are turned .
6. Then the oil grooves are machined into the journals.
7. Then the shafts are sent to the buffer zone for storage. This zone is useful to keep the line in motion even if there is a shortage of camshafts.
8. Then the key way is machined in to the front journal. The key way is for referencing used by the machine in the next process.
9. Cam milling operation is done next. The key way acts as the reference for the milling machine to know at what angel the machine has to offset a certain degree from the shaft center.
10. Then gun drilling operation is done. This operation is for drilling through the shaft center through the entire length and so is called gun drilling. This