brave new world, compare and contrast character Essay

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Henry For as God

It makes sense that Ford is their God because the society in Brave New World moves away from culture and identity towards total technological efficiency. Ford is the father of modern automobiles and of production technology, he represent all things scientific and efficient making him a suitable symbol for them to “worship”. Ford is to their scientific society what God is to a cultural one. I believe Huxley chose Ford to become the closest thing to God in Brave New World because he was made progressive in his developments and in his treatment of his employees (they enjoyed working for him and got paid well), just like the new world is very developed, every person loves what they do, they do not have stress and are
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I do not think that society could exist with contentment if all members are Alphas because there would be no one to complete the lower end jobs, such as: street cleaners, garbage men, low end factory workers, or product (clothes, shoes, food) makers. Without these workers the towns would become filthy and people would not have the things they need. The economy would no longer be stable and I believe it would collapse.
Questions: Do you think are economy would be more beneficial with this caste system? Where would you want to be placed and why, how would you be beneficial to the economy?


In Brave New World conditioning teaches the citizens their skills and makes them subjective to certain behaviors by way of punishing and hypnopaedia. All children are taught by a teacher to hate the country but love all things that benefit the economy and they are also taught about all the rules they will need to be a correct citizen in the world state. Unlike our world, these children do not have parents to teach and guide them through everything. Teachers or other educators teach them in groups. Hypnonpaedia teaches them while they are sleeping to ensure that it is set in their minds. In reality we grow up learning from what our parents teach us and how they guide us. We also learn from our own mistakes or others which is similar to Brave New World they are taught using the mistakes from