The Dark Knight Speech Essay

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In the film ‘The Dark Knight’ the director, Christopher Nolan, uses many significant scenes throughout the film to present certain themes and ideas to the audience. To do this, Nolan skilfully uses a variety of techniques to present these ideas, which help to develop and craft the narrative. One of the most important scenes in ‘The Dark Knight’ which uses a number of these film techniques is The Party Scene
An important technique used in The Party Scene is the Camera Work. Half way through The Party Scene, The Joker is seen holding a knife to Rachel’s head, as he recounts his terrifying past. The camera in the scene circles around the two, with a slight low angle, and blurs out the rest of the party guests. These three
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When the Batman makes a surprise entrance into the scene, the Joker punches and kicks him, rather than just shooting him. This demonstrates the Jokers sick, twisted mind as he laughs while stabbing Batman with the knife in his shoe. The main symbolism in this scene is the knife. This is used to compare the Batman to the Joker. The Batman uses the latest technology while fighting crime, as he wears futuristic, expensive armour and uses gadgets such as grappling hooks. The Batman represents everything that is good within in Gotham. The Joker represents everything that is evil within Gotham, and is the complete opposite to Batman. The Joker takes a less serious, less technical approach to crime and instead of using fancy gadgets and armour; he uses a simple knife and wears a purple suit. The Jokers presence at the party as he takes over the building symbolises the post 9/11 world we live in today. The Joker is comparable to modern day terrorists, as he has no concern for his, or anyone else’s safety or well being. The Batman represents the failing fight against modern day terrorism, as no matter how hard he tries, people are killed and taken hostage. The Batman can be compared to modern day governments, as he has the latest technology, seemingly unlimited funding and advanced intelligence, yet still loses the battle against the Joker who is ‘primitive’ and greatly disadvantaged in comparison
In conclusion, The Party