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Have you ever wondered how people make video games? Or how Microsoft makes
Windows? They are created using something called Programming. Programming, at its simplest form, is lines of code (or text) you type into a computer, to tell it to do the actions you specify. Computer programming is used to create almost everything now. From Games, to the stuff you see on the screen of your phone, and even the whole Windows from Microsoft.
Programming is a growing concept, and beginning to become part of our everyday lives.
Programming can be useful in many ways, you can learn: To dive deeper into the Computer, and learn the fundamentals that were never taught. Game Development, ranging from iOS
Games, to the disk you put in your XBox, and to building and designing an operating system
(OS). Programming is a large concept, and to grasp the whole concept, you’ll need to learn it bit by bit.

Baby Steps, your first taste in Programming Now, a computer is told to do things through code, in fact, just browsing the web, editing a document, and playing your favorite (computer) game, uses at least 10 lines of code to allow what you are doing to happen. Code, or Programming, can be done in many different ways. Yup, that’s right, different ways to program. But don’t worry, you only need to know
ONE. Programming is in fact like the languages of this world. Programming is separated into programming languages. These programming languages can be Object Oriented, or
Procedural Programming. The programming language I will be trying to teach you, is called,
C. At least that’s simple. C is a Procedural Programming language, and was developed at
AT&T Bell Labs, but has barely anything to do with data plans. C was developed between
1969 and 1973. A programming language can be used with a compiler. A compiler takes your program, and converts it to machine code, or this: 0000 0000 0000 00001 0000 0111 0000 0011 1011 1011 0010 1101
0001 0011 0011 0010 Makes so much more sense now, right? These 0 and 1s are what the computer uses to read, it’s its language. This means your programming language doesn’t even get seen by the computer. The compiler takes it, performs magic, and voila, your program works. Ok, enough with the little tiny stuff, lets learn how to program!
Now, I need you to bear with me, because I am about to make a program in the C language. If you want to, try to figure out what it does. So here you go: #include <stdio.h> int main()
printf(“Hello World!”); return 0;

This can be confusing at first, but I think it’s obvious the program says, Hello World! Ok, but what about the other stuff, like int main(), or return 0, and what the heck is <stdio.h>? Let me explain. In C,
is used to,