E Commerce Study Cards Part 2 Essay

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E-Commerce Test 1 – Study Cards – Part 2

The first wave of electronic commerce was predominantly a U.S. phenomenon.
Which of the following statements is correct?

One of the best ways to accommodate a broad range of visitor needs is to build ____ into the Web site's

Forum Selection
A _____ clause is a statement that the contract will be enforced according to the laws of a particular state.

The _____ is the part of the TCP/IP rules that defines the formats used to transfer files between TCP/IP-connected computers.

An FTP connection to a commuter on which the user has an account is called _____ FTP.

The level of power asserted by a government is limited to that which is accepted by the culture that exists within its _____ boundaries.

The hard middle
____ refers to markets that are too small to justify a mass media campaign, yet too large to cover using
personal contact.

Header Line
A response _____ indicates the HTTP version used by the server, the status of the response, and an explanation of the status information.

The _____ numbering system uses 16 characters.

In a first-price sealed-bid auction, the _____ bidder wins.

The early versions of _____ let Web page designers create text-based electronic documents with headings, title bar titles, bullets, lines, and ordered lists.

WeSphere Commerce Suite is produced by _____.

A newer e-mail protocol that performs that same basic functions as POP, but includes additional features, is known as _____.

_____ lets users create and manipulate e-mail folders and individual e-mail messages while the messages are still on the e-mail server.

Implied Contract
A(n) _____ can be formed by two or more parties that act as if a contract exists, even if no contract has been written and signed.

Indirect Connection EDI
_____ allows trading partners to pass messages through the VAN instead of connecting their computers directly to each other.

Industry Consortia-Sponsored Marketplace
A(n) _____ is a marketplace formed by several large buyers in a particular industry.

information dissemination
A key goal for the Web sites of many not-for-profit organizations is ____.

____ is a good example of a company that sells its products to other businesses rather than to consumers.

The Web is a(n) ____ step between mass media and personal contact.

the Internet backbone
Routers and the telecommunications lines connecting them are collectively referred to as _____.

A(n) _____ is an interconnected network, usually one that uses the TCP/IP protocol set, and does not extend beyond the organization that created it.

_____ is the dynamic page-generation technology developed by Sun Microsystems.

The ability of a government to exert control over a person or corporation is called _____.

Knowledge Management
_____ software is designed to help businesses mange the information in documents, rather than the documents themselves.

Knowledge Management
_____ software often includes powerful search tools that use proprietary semantic and statistical algorithms to help users find the content, human experts, and other resources that can aid them in their research and decision-maing tasks.

Knowledge Management
_____ is the intentional collection, classification, and dissemination of information about a company, its products, and its processes.

_____ is the idea that those subject to laws should have some role in formulating them.

____ began as a legal research tool, and it has been available as an online product for years.

Liquidation Brokers
Smaller businesses often sell their unusable and excess inventory to _____, which are firms that find buyers for these items.