F. Scott Fitzgerald and American Dream Essay

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Dreaming about the American dream is easy, but making it a reality is hard. The book The Great Gatsby by F.Scott.Fitzgerald is about a man named Jay Gatsby who sacrifices everything he has to get back the love of his life and is also about the lives of the wealthy and poor trying to live their dreams. The Great Gatsby shows that money and fame isn’t everything in life. F.Scott.Fitzgerald portrays the downfall of the American dream through, Jay Gatsby, Myrtle and George Wilson, and Daisy and Tom Buchanan. Each one of these characters wanted to make their dream world a reality, but they never got to accomplish it. The American dream is an illusion, Jay Gatsby was a victim of it. No other character went through what he went through. Gatsby had to sacrifice and lie to become a great man. He did become rich and had everything money can buy, but the only thing he didn’t have was the love of life Daisy. Gatsby wasn’t satisfied with what he has, everything he worked for was for Daisy. He is living a luxurious life, but the point is that he doesn’t enjoy his life. Gatsby met his friend Nick Carraway, he told, “You know old sport I’ve never used this pool all summer? (153). Having all the money in the world, he has no one to enjoy it with. His life is meaningless, because he had given up his name, family, and friends, to live his dream. Through a character like Gatsby we can see that the American dream is simply not unattainable. Gatsby had a party and after it was done, he told Nick, “It’s hard to make her understand” (109). His love is so pure for Daisy, but she can’t understand it. Whenever Gatsby sees Daisy he feels that someday she’ll come back to him. He sometimes gets the feeling that Daisy is slowly drifting away from him. Gatsby set out in pursuing his dream, but dreams can never become reality. Daisy and Tom Buchanan’s is proof a not accomplished American dream. Although they belong to the wealth West Egg society and are very rich, they are unhappy. Tom is described early in the book as “One of those who reach an acute limited excellence at twenty one and everything afterwards savors of anticlimax” (6). Tom had everything but, he was still not satisfied, he wanted to have more. Tom has no limit he will do anything to get what he wants. The American dream makes people want things, things that people can’t reach even if they’re close. The Buchanan’s marriage is full of lies. Nick Carraway describes Tom and his cousin Daisy as careless and heartless people, “They smash up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness or whatever it was that kept them together and let other people clean up the mess they made.”(179). their behavior is indication and an effect of what the American dream can do to people. They focus on the appearance of things, ignoring people’s feelings and lives. Myrtle and George Wilson live an unsecure marriage life. Myrtle is a type of women who is ready to give up her husband for wealth. She is blinded by her dreams, she wants to marry her secret lover Tom Buchanan so that she can become rich. She does not love her husband a