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To put this vision into practice, we have developed H&M Conscious
– our approach to integrating our sustainable thinking into everything we do. Last year, we set out our seven strategic commitments. Working to fulfil these commitments, we are continuously creating what we call
‘Conscious Actions’ throughout our business. These are activities and targets designed to move us closer to our vision. In this report, you can read about the progress we have made in taking these Conscious Actions.
I’m very proud of all our achievements over the past year, but a number of things really stand out. One of the highlights of 2011 was that we, together with various stakeholders and experts, developed a dedicated plan to support social development in Bangladesh.
Bangladesh is one of our most important sourcing markets and we want to ensure that the garment industry has a positive impact on the country’s development, not just by contributing jobs, but also skills, education, health, and improvements in labour and women’s rights.
To build a more sustainable fashion future, our industry needs to keep finding new ways of using resources as responsibly and efficiently as possible.
I am particularly proud to see that
H&M is now using more organic cotton than any other company in the world. This is just the start.
Our target is to use only sustainable cotton by 2020. A further increase in our use of organic cotton will be a part of that, but this year