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H&M is a Swedish fashion brand providing wide ranges of fashion clothing for women; men and kidswear, including accessories and homeware. This report provides the research on the company in relation to its current operation, customer base and likelihood of business expansion through digital marketing online awareness as to maximize the potential profit opportunities of the World Cup 2014 and the Olympics and Paralympics 2016 in Brazil. The report explores the use of digital marketing of H&M promoting its expansion into Brazil as well as maintain raising its brand awareness in the medium to long term. It further attempts to give comparative and elaborate information about Brazil fashion industry.

Furthermore, a detailed analysis of the use of digital marketing to promote the brands online awareness is carried out on the basis of new age social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, taking into consideration the youth generation as core customers. The report gives an insight of the use of this technology for customer outreach.

Conclusive recommendation has been drawn in relation to promoting the launch of H&M in the Brazil as well as the brand awareness in Brazilian market by using the digital media. This is discussed in details within the conclusion section.


Figure 1, H&M Store

Source: http://about.hm.com/content/hm/AboutSection/en/About/Facts-About- HM/Brands-and-Collections/HM-Group.html#cm-menu (Access: 23 October 2012)

H&M, (Figure1) which opened its first store in Sweden in 1947, is now represented on more than 40 markets. It is fast-fashion clothing brand offering all types of clothing both for men and women as well as accessories, kids-wear and home-wares with affordable prices. It currently operates 217 stores in the UK. It annually has collaborations with many famous fashion designers and fashion iconic such as Versace, Lanvin and Anna Dello Russo. It also keeps interacting with customer contacts for showing its products by using media such as H&M magazines, social media, and new campaign launching. H&M is planning to take its first steps into Latin America in 2012 and possibly into Brazil next coming years. (http://www.forbes.com/sites/lydiadishman/2012/04/23/hms-expansion-in-latin-america-begins-in-mexico/ Access: 23 October 2012)


This project aims to investigate the extent of the importance of using digital marketing in raising brand awareness to maximize the potential profit opportunities of the World Cup 2014 and the Olympics and Paralympics 2016 in Brazil.

Objectives: • To analyze H&M websites in order to find the opportunity to develop further in Brazil fashion industry. • To explore the opportunity of using other online media such as Facebook and twitter in order to promote its expansion into Brazil as well as raising its brand awareness.

The research method used to support the aim and objectives is only secondary research, which will be undertaken, showing as below: • UK and Brazil fashion Market • Website and online media observation • Journals and articles relevant to e- commerce • Analysis of the above research

4.0 Brand Analysis
Targeted Customers
It is important to understand H&M target customers to be able to communicate the right messages to the right customers.
Figure 2, H&M Target customers.
| Sex | Male, Female |
| Age | 18-35 |
|Marital Status | Single/ In a relationship/ Married |
|Socio Economic Group (see appendix 1) |