I always knew that having a good sense of humor was very important Essay example

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I always knew that having a good sense of humor was very important. I have never done any research on this because it was and is such a normal and major part of my life and who I am. I believe this is important because of how I feel after spending time with people, whether it is family or friends that share this trait with me. I learned it causes a certain intimacy between like minded people that you may seek out to spend time with because it makes you feel good. To have a sense of not only humor but of so many other emotions like empathy, you have to be able to dig deep to read people. Some may say that being healthy because of a sense of humor is just an opinion. After researching this topic, I found facts that showed this to be true, thus I was able to prove that there is evidence in this particular subject. According to Freud, we use jokes to deal with our anxieties and issues. I found this to be true and after going deeper learned that Freud felt that jokes were “funny anecdotes designed to make another person laugh” and are constructed (just like dreams) to help us “circumvent one or another form of censorship or prohibition.” (http://www.nycslsociety.com/uploads/CSL_Sept_Oct_2011.pdf) I found that Freud’s theory is true in relating to the Use of Language. “Sigmund Freud suggested that jokes were true, serving two purposes: aggression (such as sarcasm) or to expose unconscious desires (the sexual joke).”…