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In the United States of America, marriage is viewed by many as one of the greatest accomplishments in one’s lifetime. It is the point in life where you can finally vow to commit the rest of your existence to the one person that you truly love and adore. However, this life changing event is not viewed the same way in the eyes of everyone in countries outside of the United States such as China. Marriage traditions in China differ from the marriage traditions in the United States in many different ways. In outside countries like China, marriages are often based on factors other than love, while in the United States love plays a great role in marriages. These differences range from the ages at which individuals can marry, to family traditions as well as cultural traditions, and even the religious views and practices. My country comparison will focus on each of these topics as well as why it has such great importance.
Let’s begin with the age differences. The legal ages at which marriage is okay varies from city, to state, to country. In china the legally respectful age for a Chinese woman to marry is twenty, while twenty-two is the ideal age for a male. In 2012 a NPC China deputy submitted a proposal to have this age lowered to eighteen, however as of now the legal ages remain the same. In 2010 a census showed that most people in china postpone their marriages even longer than the required age. These statistics show that many wait until their late twenties, twenty-five for females and twenty-seven for males. Often this wait is due to women not wanting to marry men inferior to them so they wait to find men who have a higher education and are not “beneath them”. In the United States the legal ages in which one can marry varies from state to state similar to the way it varies in china. In the United States you generally have to be eighteen to legally marry, though Nebraska’s set age of majority is nineteen. However this law can vary depending on the circumstances. In nearly all fifty states one is allowed to marry in the United States at the age of sixteen but only with the consent of their parents. Sometimes this age is allowed to be waived depending on rare circumstances such as pregnancies. In 2013 the census shows that most people in the country marry during their late twenties, twenty-seven for females, and twenty-nine for males. Statistics have shown that like the Chinese, the average marrying age has begun to increase to really late twenties, early thirties.
In addition to the difference between the ages in which people marry in the United States and China, marriage also varies in terms of matrimonial traditions. Traditionally, marriage life in China was based on principles of Confucian ideology. These ideologies lead to the Chinese family idea meaning many generations under one roof. It is a part of the old Chinese tradition for arranged marriages between a man and women to take place. As a part of the arranged marriage husband and wife were to not meet each other until the day of their wedding. As a married couple the male is to provide for his family while the wife stays home to care for domestic duties, similar to the duties of a “traditional” American husband and wife. Same sex marriages in china are not accepted and are essentially unheard of. In 1984 homosexuality was considered to be a mental illness, however it no longer is. While traditional Chinese marriages are arranged solely by the parents, the bride and groom usually have somewhat of a say in rather or not they want to go through with the marriage, however the father usually still has the final say. In more modern marriages it is extremely rare for children to have complete control over whom they marry on the other hand, parental involvement is still much less than before. One may choose his or her spouse with approval from their elders; however their parents may introduce them to potential spouses as well as assist them when making marriage decisions. It is