Mixed Marriages Act Essay

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Jad Rouhana 201001476 Moral Reasoning
Even though we now live in a diverse world and specifically in a diverse country, many traditions and families hold on to mindsets that are against mixed marriage. That is because it isn't accepted by certain sects or because of some grudges that still exist between two sects or just because of they just do not accept other religions. Therefore, taking the decision to marry from outside your religion is considered taboo in several families and areas (if not most) and thus forms an ethical issue to be tackled.
I personally, have parents of different religious backgrounds. My father is Christian and my mother is Muslim. One would look at this mix and would be surprised, that how was it possible for their families to agree to this and what did society have to say about this etc...Well what made this work I think is their mindset primarily obviously since they are not conservative at all and their families were not very accepting at first but after each my moms' nuclear family and later her extended family, meeting my father and the opposite too, they became okay with it and had no problems. But that's a special case where it went well and without problems. On the other hand, we hear many cases where couples ran away and got married in secret without their parents' consent and others that got killed by their families because they insisted on getting married to a person of another religion or sect and the bigger number of couples just break up and fall apart because they can't be together because of society and their parents.
Moreover, mixed marriage doesn't really work if the couple is conservative and follows the religions rules etc... because it would be near impossible for them not to reach walls between the rules they follow. For example, drinking or eating halal food and prayer rules etc.. which might collide with the other person.
Anyhow, in order to use the four domains of ethical assessment, I will be using my parents as example.
Although the action of falling in love and getting married in themselves are great things, in this culture it is not encouraged and it is even considered a taboo by several like I said before. In the deontological theory, the nature of the action is naturally right and it is done with a good intent, so in this theory their action is right and virtuous. But if we use the consequential theory, also called teleological theory, or utilitarianism; since in this culture mixed marriage is not an encouraged act and not really endorsed, it is considered as a wrong action. In opposition, if seen by another culture, such as most foreign cultures, then it would have been considered a right action.
In addition, the characters here are my parents,