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1.0 Executive Summary
2.0 Background of the company 2.1 Introduction 2.2 Company History 2.3 Products and services

3.0 SWOT diagram

4.0 Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats
5.0 Conclusion

1.0 Executive Summary
For this assignment, I will choose Subway for my food business organization. This assignment will explain the SWOT analysis. Besides that, this will also explain the SWOT analysis for Subway which includes strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Firstly, I will introduce the definition and the role for SWOT. Then, I will introduce
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While, for hot subs, there are Meatball Marinara, Subway Melt (Turkey Breast, Turkey Ham and Breakfast Strips), Steak & Cheese and Chicken Teriyaki. For basics, there are Veggie Delite, Roast Beef, Turkey Breast and Turkey Breast & Ham. All meats are halal. Customers can choose what they want their sandwiches to include and can choose different sizes of sandwiches which is six-inch or footlong. Some stuffing can be taken out or can be ordered double (Riina, 2010). The customer also can take-away their meals or having the meals at the Subway restaurant.

3.0 SWOT diagram

1. Customizable menu offerings.
2. Choice of healthier meals.
3. Worldwide brand recognition and high brand loyalty.
4. Marketing and promotional strategies.
5. Association with Britain and American Heart Associations.
6. Low startup costs. WEAKNESSES
1. Services are not consistent from store to store.
2. Franchisee is highly dependent on the franchisor.
3. Interior design of the franchises looks old and outdated.
4. Turnover rate of the employees is higher.
1. Increasing the demand for healthy food.
2. Home meal delivery.
3. Association with Government and movie producers to promote the Subway’s meal.
4. Introduction of drive-thru. THREATS
1. Financial crisis.
2. High competitive